Dressed for Adventure - Vol. 1

We recently talked about the design-process of our heroine Coria - that seems to have been interesting for quite a few of you, so let's talk about that some more.

As previously mentioned, Coria's design was properly fleshed out by the talented Maren Schildmeyer (@snickerby on Twitter) after a few basic concepts and ideas provided by the team such as characters with a similar vibe as well as a bit of character-background. We especially wanted to work with Maren for their fantastic grasp of late 80s / early 90s style, something we always wanted for our game. These were the first sketches we received - and when we saw them, we instantly knew that Maren was the ideal choice.

We did really like all of these designs, but still, we quickly zeroed in on some particular elements. Let's go through them left to right, shall we?

The first one has a great adventure-y vibe and if you compare the design to the current one, you will see, that we kept the pants and boots. Apart from that, we think that design has a similar feel to Netflix' She-Ra and the Princesses of Power - a show that's held in high esteem around here.

The second one was the one we liked the most: While Coria's hair is still very different, we made sure to keep the double-belts and the shirt. The shirt with its wide sleeves reminded us of classic swashbuckler-movies - pretty appropriate for a character wielding an elegant rapier!

The third one gave all of us instant Star-Wars-vibes. The robe-like top has a certain Jedi-like quality to it, doesn't it? And the look would certainly have also worked with some longer boots, but one argument against that outfit was the Game Boy's resolution. Would it be possible to bringt that design across in a small handfull of pixels?

Number 4 was another interesting one. Probably the most 80s-style outfit with the pauldrons and the longer slit shirt/dress - that's an outfit a gender-swapped Adol Christin might have worn in their adventures in 1987 on PC-8801! A lot to like there, but maybe just a tiny bit too out of fashion these days?

Anyway, these are the intial designs and our thoughts. In future updates, we tell you more about how Coria's final design came together. Well, we might even let you in on the secret behind her name!

Until then, what do you think of these first four designs? Would you have gone with the same? Would you have gone with another one? Let es know!

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