A Big Thank You!

Hello Everyone!

This is Thomas Nickel, the Game Designer of Coria and the Sunken City. 

What can I say? Me and the team, we're all very, very happy about the warm reception our project has had here on itch and also in the press - we were covered on websites all over the world. We found coverage in Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Brazil, UK, USA and Japan! And frankly, that's amazing and a huge boost in morale for all of us. Not that we were lacking before...

Truth be told, a year ago, we would have exptected to be farther along in development at this point, but then this virus-thing happened, which had quite a few of us scrambling to hold our business and day-jobs together. Still, we found the time to continue working on Coria, just at a slightly slower pace. 

One thing that really pushed us was the production of the animated trailer you can see on this site. Initially suggested by our composer Sebastian Sonntag, we soon found a very skilled animator named Nika Gorev who - there's no other way to say it  - knocked the thing out of the park.

So please keep visiting us here for updates - the next thing I will tackle is the subject of difficulty of the demo and the final game.

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